Now is the time to have your firewood delivered
so it can season properly for winter burning

  • Semi-seasoned full cord: $390
  • Semi-seasoned half cord: $225
  • Kiln dried full cord: $600
  • Full ten wheeler load (2 1/2 cords) of semi seasoned $875


Monday through Friday 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Saturdays 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Closed Sundays

To our contractor partners,
Effective 9/13/22, we have removed the added fuel surcharge from our invoices.
While the volatile diesel fuel market has a significant impact on all our products, we are removing the fuel surcharge and making product pricing adjustments so that it provides our contractor partners a simpler, more forecastable pricing structure. Please see the 2022 Smith Fall Product Price List below. Contractors that qualify for extended discounts through our volume pricing program Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum, will continue to receive discounts.
We will continue to monitor the diesel fuel market and adjust our product pricing for 2023. We will do our best to communicate all product price changes as we go forward.



Smith & Sons was started in 1997 by Dan Smith.
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These mulches are just a sampling of our available products.
Please call us at 781-294-1230 for pricing for all our landscape supply options – loam, stone, etc.

FREE delivery on any order of 4 yards or more of these 4 mulches within 8 miles of our Marshfield location.

Click here to see our other landscape supply products

$ 0 .00
per yard
Black Mulch Texture Closeup

Our darkest mulch is color enhanced with a non-toxic colorant and mixed with natural wood fibers and bark. This is our best seller and will add an attractive contrast to your landscape.

$ 0 .00
per yard
Pine Mulch Texture Closeup

Spruce, Fir and White Pine Bark are trucked from the North and ground locally by Smith & Sons. This is 100% pure Bark Mulch and has a naturally rich dark color with a fresh Pine scent!

$ 0 .00
per yard
Chocolate Mulch Texture Closeup

This mulch is supplemented with white pine bark remnants from the Copeland Lumber facility.  This product is naturally brown, has NO color additives, and is aged to perfection.

$ 0 .00
per yard
Hemlock Mulch Texture Closeup

100% pure Hemlock bark, rich auburn color, never color enhanced. Our hemlock mulch adds natural color to any landscape.


Smith & Sons is located at
887 Plain Street (Rt. 139)
Marshfield, MA 02050

Call or email us for pricing & questions!
[email protected]

Smith & Sons
887 Plain Street
Marshfield, MA 02050

To our valued customers,
As we are all aware, fuel prices have not moderated and continue to remain higher than they were earlier in 2022.

We have resisted implementing a fuel surcharge or adjusting our prices as long as possible, but due to the nature of the current situation, we can no longer continue to absorb the increased cost. Therefore, effective immediately, we will be implementing a temporary, emergency fuel surcharge. This fuel surcharge will remain separate from all other charges and will be shown as a separate entry on your invoices.
We appreciate your understanding of the dilemma we face, and hope that you understand that this fuel surcharge will allow us to maintain the high quality of service & products that you have come to know and expect from our company.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

D.H. Smith and Sons
887 Plain Street
Marshfield, MA

[email protected]