Smith Mulch, the finishing touch to your beautiful yard!

All mulch and loam are made right here at Smith and Sons. We take great pride in making our products. Premium organic products for a healthy lawn and garden.

For orders under 3 yards please call to order.

Free Local* Delivery with orders of 4 or more yards of the same product!

Delivery fees are calculated in shopping cart or just call us at (781) 294-1230.

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Smith Ebony Black – This is our darkest mulch. It is color enhanced and mixed with natural wood fibers and bark. Smith Ebony black will add an attractive contrast to any yard.

Smith From the Forest Organic Pine Bark Mulch – Spruce, Fir, and White Pine bark are trucked from the North and ground on site. This is 100% pure Pine Bark mulch, natural brown in color with a pleasant, fresh, pine scent.

Smith All-Natural Hemlock Mulch – This is 100% pure, organic, Hemlock Bark with a beautiful hue of mahogany. Hemlock gives your home a classic look, with a lovely, woodsy scent.

Smith Playground Mulch – An all organic, soft, and safe covering that is perfect for play areas, pathways, and animal enclosures.

Smith Premium Woodchips – Chipped right here at Smith and Sons! These traditional woodchips make for a simple yet cost-effective ground covering for any area.

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How Much Do I need?
To calculate the total cubic yardage of material you need, please fill out the information below. A yard here at Smith and Sons is a cubic yard. One cubic yard covers a 10' x 10' area at a 3" depth. We have added a conversion calculator to our website to help you determine how much product you need.

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