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Our complete wood waste recycling facility is open to contractors and homeowners. We accept brush, logs, chunk wood, stumps, grass, leaves, and woodchips. We do not accept any demolition debris, concrete, pallets, or trash – only natural wood waste. We process everything that comes in by grinding, seasoning, and color enhancing. Nothing is wasted; stumps are sheared, cleaned, and ground. Remaining wood chips and grindings are made into our premium mulch products.  Remember, bringing in clean products for recycling ensures you get clean mulch products in the Spring!

Let’s talk wood recycling. We at D.H. Smith and Sons have been in love with the natural outdoors from the time that we were kids. We were thrilled to explore the woods and to take in the wonderful scents of pine and lush moss. Never once did we stop to think about how a fallen tree’s carbon would impact the environment.
We believe in wood recycling as a core operating principle of our business. Every day we process tons of urban forestry materials that are upcycled into responsibly sourced heating fuel. As positive proof of this concept, our buildings are heated with the very same wood chips. We have found that the added cost of our renewable boiler is more than offset by incredible fuel savings.
Not only are wood chips inexpensive, recycled wood represents Clean Conscious Carbon. Using wood for heating releases EXACTLY the same amount of CO2 as allowing wood chips to rot. This fact is especially notable as the materials and Smith and Sons process was made available by arborists removing threats to powerlines, roadways and parks throughout the Commonwealth.


While often overlooked, the University of Massachusetts estimates that Massachusetts annually produces 1-3 million tons of arbiculturally sourced waste from trees in urban settings, utilities and municipal sources. The big question remains, what should the Commonwealth do with this waste? It’s going to release its carbon anyway. Why not use it as a renewable fuel in a Modern Wood Boiler?
We have pledged to combat climate change in every way that we can. We stand with the Global Warming Solutions Act, GWSA and will continue to do our part to become carbon neutral by 2050. While this will be challenging, we know that using recycled wood products such as chips and pellets for modern wood heating can play a part in creating a better, healthier environment.

*Please note: Drivers must know the contents and yardage of every load