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When you’re looking for a lawn mower, there are many questions you may have, and we have an extensive range of grass cutting machines to answer all of them. From lawn tractors to zero-turns, different cutting methods and attachments to give more versatility and year-round use. Most of all, choosing D.H. Smith and Sons as your dealer, rest assured you are buying a quality product from a reputable local dealer.

With Ariens, zero-degree turning was only the beginning. These cut your mowing time in half with faster speeds and superior maneuverability than lawn tractors. And, with many available attachments, they do way more than just mow. The zero-degree turning radius means no blade of grass will be left uncut.

There are only so many hours in a day and zero-turn mower technology can help you make the most of them. Easy to learn and operate, zero-turn mowers help you achieve shorter mowing times, use less fuel and cover more ground over the course of the machine’s lifetime. Take advantage of 180-degree maneuverability and confidently earn your stripes.

Husqvarna lawn and garden tractors offer the features you need to be comfortably in control of your mowing experience. Most Husqvarna lawn tractors feature pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission systems that allow you to keep both hands on the steering wheel while adjusting your speed and direction with foot pedals.