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Smith Screened Loam (our number one seller) – Our highly organic screened loam is processed in house through a ½” screener. Great for raising yard elevations, filling in small holes, yard repairs, and growing healthy, fresh, green grass! Our loam is tested weekly for balanced Ph and organic matter. Ask our team for the latest results!

Compost (Super Peat) – Sourced from Maine, Super peat is a custom blend of sphagnum peat and Earthlite premium compost. It offers the soil enhancing and moisture retention benefits of peat with microbial life and slow-release nutrients of compost. Super Peat meets USGA specifications, ideal for gardens, planting beds, and perennial growing.

Veggie Blend – A 50/50 mix of our compost and screened loam; veggie blend is thoroughly mixed together to make perfect, garden ready soil! Perfect for those projects that could use an extra nutrient boost without the full strength of our screened compost.

Fill – A dirt product perfect for filling in those bigger projects!

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