2024 Smith & Sons Organic Fertilization Program

As spring awakens, so does your lawn, ready for a touch of Smith & Sons’ Organic Fertilization Program. Our carefully curated program ensures your grass looks not only lush and green but also thrives throughout the year. Let’s dive into the first phase of our program to set the stage for a healthy lawn.

Step 1: 9-0-0 Fertilizer w/Corn Gluten Meal

Time of year: March/April

First round of fertilizer with a crabgrass preventative

During the months of March and April is the perfect time to give your lawn its first nutrient boost. Our 9-0-0 fertilizer is enriched with corn meal gluten which serves a dual purpose: providing essential nitrogen and acting as a crabgrass preventative.

Corn gluten meal is a high-protein byproduct of corn production. The high level of protein prohibits the growth of crabgrass and certain broadleaf weeds.


Step 2: 9-0-0 Fertilizer w/Corn Gluten Meal

Time of year: April/May

Second round of fertilizer with a crabgrass preventative

Consistency is key in lawn care. Moving into April and May, a second round of 9-0-0 fertilizer with corn gluten meal reinforces its initial application. This maintains a defense against weeds while nourishing the lawn.


Step 3, 4, & 5

Time of year: June-October (5 week intervals)

To keep your lawn in tip-top shape we offer 3 options for further fertilization at five week intervals.


First Option: 14-2-6 50% Organic 40% Accublu 60 (60 day slow release nitrogen)

2% Iron 4% Calcium 50% Bio Pure EC+Ca

This option features a blend of nutrients including slow release nitrogen, iron, and calcium. Our organic bridge product ensures prolonged nourishment and spreads three times further than traditional fertilizers.

Second Option: 5-4-3 Poultry 100% Organic 7% Calcium 1% Iron

100% organic and rich in calcium and iron, this fertilizers not only balances soil pH but also enhances turf greenness. The calcium acts similarly to lime by improving the soil structure.

Third Option: 5-3-2 Sigma Bio Omri

OMRI Certified Organic through Sigma

For those looking for a certified organic fertilizer, our Sigma Bio OMRI-certified option is ideal. The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) certification process ensures the highest quality organic inputs, promoting eco-friendly practices.


Essential Soil Amendment: C2 Charge Bichar

20% Gypsum, 40% Biochar, 40% Humic Acid

Anytime during the season, you can complement your fertilization routine with the C2 Charge Biochar. This amendment combines gypsum, biochar, and humic acid to enhance soil conditions, address compaction, and improve nutrient uptake.


Growing Greener Together

Smith & Sons is committed to providing the best organic solutions for a vibrant, healthy lawn. Our 2024 Organic Fertilization Program is designed to meet the specific needs of your turf throughout the year. Join us on this journey to achieve the lush, green lawn you’ve always dreamed of, naturally and sustainably!