7 Things to Consider While Buying a New Tractor

Purchasing a new tractor can feel daunting, to say the least. Questions like what size tractor is suitable, which attachments are necessary, and whether a cab is essential may flood your mind. Where does one even begin this tractor-buying journey? With the assistance from our expert team, we alleviate all concerns and guide you through the process seamlessly. Explore our comprehensive list of the 7 crucial factors to consider when investing in a new tractor.

1. What type of tractor do I need?

When purchasing a tractor, most people have in mind what they specifically want to use it for. Whether you want to use it for landscaping, construction, forestry, snow removal, or even livestock management there are tractors out there for all those jobs. When looking at different tractors keep in mind that one tractor can satisfy a bunch of needs. Our team at Smith and Sons can help you choose the right size tractor for its intended job and other jobs for you!

2. What size tractor do I need?

When looking at purchasing a tractor, it is important to determine what size would work best for its intended purpose. A sub-compact tractor is the perfect size for light landscaping or gardening work within 5 acres. This is the smallest tractor option and most often the most affordable. A compact tractor is a good option for medium level landscaping and chores within 10 acres. This is a more powerful option than a sub-compact tractor with its ability to handle heavier jobs. A utility tractor is the option for heavy duty jobs, it works best for areas of 20 acres or more. Utility tractors have a larger size and bigger horsepower to tackle larger jobs.

3. What kind of tires do I need?

There are three types of tires that tractors come with: ag, turf, or industrial tires. Ag tires are built to provide traction for agriculture purposes being used in fields. Turf tires are built to be gentle on grass and are generally used for mowing. Lastly, industrial tires are made to endure harsh conditions from unpaved roads and surfaces that may wear away the tires.

4. What kind of attachments do I need?

You finally picked out your tractor now, what attachments do you need? Determine the tasks you’ll be performing with your tractor; this will help identify the compatible attachments. Discuss with your tractor dealer regarding what tasks you are going to be doing. Your dealer can advise which attachments will suit your needs. Some attachments that are popular include: tilers, front end loaders, shredders, post hole digger, blades, backhoes and grapples.

5. Do I need a cab?

Having a cab or not, is a personal preference and depends on whether or not you will use the tractor in inclement weather. In extreme heat or cold, having a cab keeps the driver cold or warm. While without a cab the driver is exposed to the elements.

6. Where should I store my tractor?

When choosing a tractor make sure that the tractor size is able to fit where you are planning on storing it. You should store your tractor under a cover or inside to protect its longevity.

7. Where do I buy my tractor from?

When purchasing a tractor it is important to build a relationship with your dealer. Upon arrival at a dealer, don’t hesitate to inquire about any questions you have and express your needs in this new piece of equipment. Many dealers, including ours, have a service department that will be there for any of your service needs post-purchase of your tractor or any other equipment.

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