Crew Specialty Herbicide

Struggling to keep pesky weeds at bay in your mulch beds? Look no further than Crew Specialty Herbicide – your ultimate solution for weed control.

What is Crew Specialty Herbicide?

Crew Specialty Herbicide is a herbicide that is applied to your mulch beds while getting ready to mulch the beds. This herbicide prevents a majority of weeds and grassy weeds that can be difficult to control without intervention.

It is a newer formula of Dimension and Gallery that allows it to prevent a large spectrum of weeds versus its competitors. Crew Specialty Herbicide is also safe to use in your turf for your edges by the driveway where the extra weeds germinate. Competitor herbicides can not be used in turf.

Crew Specialty Herbicide at Smith and Sons

Ready to say goodbye to stubborn weeds in your mulch beds and turf areas? Don’t wait any longer – experience the superior weed control of Crew Specialty Herbicide today! Visit Smith and Sons to purchase your 10 lb or 50 lb bag and enjoy a weed-free landscape all season long. A 10lb bag can cover 3,000-4,000 SF of mulch beds while a 50lb bag can cover 15,000-20,000 SF of mulch beds. Contact us now for expert advice and to place your order. Let’s transform your outdoor space together!